Rapid Weight Loss Protocol – Medically Supervised

Lose an average of 1/2 to 1lb per day! No exercise. Guaranteed!

Our VLCD protocol (hormone based) offers immediate results for those who want to lose weight fast without doing exercise. Our patients typically lose 12 or more pounds on our 26 Day Protocol and 30 or more pounds on our 46 Day Protocol. Both these protocols include a 4-6 week, supervised maintenance program. This protocol uses a very low daily caloric intake to induce rapid weight loss. The diet will also stimulate weight loss for those individuals who have been unable to lose weight with other methods.  It is important to understand that it is the restriction of calories that is responsible for weight loss and not any medications or supplements.  hCG has not been shown to induce any significant weight loss, nor is it approved by the FDA or Health Canada as a weight loss medication. Our Protocol is meant to support your metabolism and preserve muscle mass.

Please be aware that we use prescription hCG only.  If you are thinking about buying hCG online, please be aware that real hCG cannot be sold in Canada or the United States without a prescription from a licensed medical doctor and must be dispensed by a licensed pharmacist.

It is important that you are medically monitored when on a Very Low Calorie Diet.

How we make sure you are successful

  • Physician Supervised and Medically Monitored

The Rapid Weight Loss Protocol offered by WeightDoctor is supervised by a medical physician and functions within our medical facility. The Protocol that we offer uses only the injectable form of hormone which requires a prescription by  a licensed healthcare provider.

  • Comprehensive Support System that includes your own assigned Patient Care Practitioner

Once you are medically approved to start the Rapid Weight Loss Protocol, you will be assigned a Patient Care Practitioner that will work with you through the whole program and will be available to answer questions and concerns… (program to protocol)

  • Amazing Results

We are so confident of your success that we guarantee results for those that follow our protocols!

Who should not do the Rapid Weight Loss Protocol?

Please be aware that the Rapid Weight Loss Protocol is not for everyone. Under no circumstances is it approved for children, adolescents, pregnant women, or women who are breastfeeding. Individuals with medical concerns such as heart disease, kidney or liver disease, anorexia or bulimia, or uncontrolled type I or type II diabetes should have a thorough medical check up and blood work completed before receiving the “go-ahead” from our medical staff. Keep in mind that patients with the following medical conditions should not follow this protocol:

  • Precocious Puberty
  • Active Thrombosis or Blood Clots, or a past history of a blood clot
  • Allergy to the hormone
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Fallopian tube occlusions, or primary ovarian failure (premature menopause or dysgenesis of the ovaries)
  • Pituitary tumors, Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cancer or a family history of Ovarian Cancer, Any Cancers that are sensitive to androgens
  • Uncontrolled Endocrine disorders – i.e., thyroid dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction, high prolactin Levels

All of our clients must undergo screening by our licensed medical doctor prior to starting the protocol.

What Does the protocol look like?

Our protocol is individualized based on patient requirements. Book an appointment now for a complimentary assessment.

The Rapid Weight Loss Protocol includes the following:

  • Comprehensive lab testing & patient history.
  • A Resting Metabolic Rate measurement before and after program completion
  • Real fresh foods that you can prepare yourself
  • Lipotropic injections that promote energy and further weight loss.
  • A guidebook which includes a food journal, shopping list and recipes
  • Resource pages to assist you in building new habits and a positive relationship with food.

Completion of the Protocol will mean you have:

  • Reduced your weight in a huge way!
  • Retrained your palette
  • Become aware of when you eat and more importantly why?
  • Re-set your metabolism and can now eat normally
  • Start an exercise program without being concerned about unnecessary stress on joints due to extra weight.
  • Manage your health and lifestyle in a way that is personally empowering and gives you control

How much weight can I expect to lose on the Rapid Weight Loss Protocol?

How much weight you lose will depend on your individual metabolism before you started the protocol and how well you stick with the protocol. Typically we find that men lose  weight faster then women on this protocol. Our average findings indicate that women lose between 0.5 -0.75 pounds per day. Men average between .65 – 1 pound per day.

If you are taking medication prescribed by your physician that contains either sugar or starch as the base you can expect to lose half the numbers outlined above. This is normal and under no circumstances should you discontinue the use of your prescription medications without the expressed consent of your family physician.

It is essential to remember that weight loss is an individual process that is affected by a number of variables. For the best results ensure that you follow the protocol fully. This includes injecting refrigerated hormone daily at a regular time, eating the designated foods / calories only, consuming the recommended 8 cups of water per day, and not overdoing your exercise routine during your time on the calorie restricted and maintenance phase of the program.

Do I have to exercise?

It is our recommendation that you get into the habit of taking a 20 minute light walk daily. You should not break a sweat during the walk but it is up to you if you go outside or use the treadmill. For the duration of the calorie restricted period, we advise you not to do any other cardio and or resistance training. If anytime during physical exertion you feel faint or dizzy follow up with your patient care consultant immediately.